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Just a heads up: I am not currently accepting new kayaking clientele. If anyone would like to discuss an idea for their own solo trip however, I'd be happy to talk with you.

See: Going Solo: A Kayaker's Guide to Midlife


—Rob Lyon

July, August, September and October are the best months. While we are flexible with scheduling given sufficient advance notice, we can only do justice to 3 expeditions at most per year. The cost will be prohibitive for some; if it is, and you are still unshakably motivated to undertake an odyssey such as this, I would recommend that you figure out a way to do it on your own. I'll do what I can to help though, if you give a call.

However, if you have the money and that's not the issue, but time and know how, and the inertia of putting it all together is, maybe together we can make it happen. You will still, of course, have to cut a good-sized swath out of your regular life, no small feat in itself. I can guarantee you it will be worth it. LE is essentially a custom outfitter and flexible in our support. The listed rates reflect fundamental gear outfitting, food allotment, excluding vehicular travel and shuttle costs.

Fees are based on a flat rate of $200 a day.

Trip limit is three including myself, and I’m happy to work with singles or well adjusted couples.


Vancouver Island Expedition. The entire outer coast, 450 miles, Port Hardy to San Juan Islands.
8 Weeks

Northern Vancouver Island Expedition. The wildest stretch of the West Coast, 250 miles. Port Hardy to Tofino. 6 Weeks

Cape Scott Expedition, Vancouver Island. The best of the West Coast. 200 miles. Port Hardy to Zaballos.

3 Weeks or 4 Weeks

Queen Charlottes Expedition. Complete outer coast. 200+ miles. Masset to Rose Harbour.
6 Weeks—inquire

"For those with major constraints on their time, I offer a 'quick launch' version of the above itineraries. To absolutely maximize field time, you can choose to fly directly into BC, where I will pick you up close to our launch site. We will then load our boats on a fast shuttle and spend that first evening around a campfire on a wilderness beach somewhere near the cape. This will knock roughly a week off the length of the trip and noticeably sharpen the learning curve. For those with limited time and/or money, it might just make the difference. For experienced paddlers only."

A non refundable deposit of 50% and several months, at the least, of lead time is required.

“NOTHING could have prepared me for the beauty of this trip! No amount of preparation could have given me an appreciation and respect of paddling on the open ocean. One of the biggest things I learned was respect for the power of wilderness, its dangers, its energies and how it effects me in a positive way.”


“In late 2002, I connected with Rob Lyon through his web site. We corresponded extensively for well over two years in planning my sea kayaking/camping trip to the outer coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Rob was diligent in providing articles, maps, and information on kayaking, camping, fishing gear and the area we would immerse ourselves in for nearly a month. As an experienced outdoorsman with a proven track record, Rob possesses the essential ingredients for a well-rounded guide. He’s a man with a safety-oriented perspective and doesn’t take unnecessary risks. During our 2005 trip, I camped solo for 12 days on a rugged, wilderness shoreline. During that personally challenging retreat, he never failed to maintain our daily contact via marine radio. I counted on Rob to be my safety net and he repeatedly proved himself to be a reliable and personable guide and friend. Rob was a key ingredient in making my ocean adventure the trip of a lifetime.”

Jenny Paull

“I was a member of the Cape Scott Expedition, led by Rob. We kayaked from Port Hardy around the tip of Vancouver island and south to Fair Harbour in August and September of 2001. The experience gave me a positive sense of empowerment from accomplishment in both physical and mental aspects of the expedition.

Being well away from the convenience and comfort of civilization helped provide me with an honest assessment of my actual coping skills. It also struck home the need for meticulous preparation and equipment reliability.

I was also given a deeper awareness of the wild in wilderness, and of the value of undisturbed, natural areas in an age when these are becoming ever so rare.

It is DEFINITELY a life changing caliber experience.”

Colin Doherty, owner (Oskar Blues Beer)

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